Flying To & From The Bahamas

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Make Reservation

Please fill out form below, requested forms under Arrival Forms and we will prepare them for you in advance of your arrival. If you wish to prepare your forms ahead of time, please note that the Immigration Card must be the original. It cannot be a copy.

*** Once the information has been submitted you should receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

Checklist For Entering/Leaving The Bahamas

Arrival Forms

You will need to present the following three Government Forms upon arrival into The Bahamas. To ensure a quick and hassle-free Customs and Immigration process, please email us the completed forms in advance and we will have them ready upon your arrival. Don’t forget valid passports!


Flights operating in The Bahamas as private do not require a landing permit. Flights operating as charter will require a landing permit. People traveling with pets, fruits and vegetables, and/or plants, are required to have a permit from The Bahamas Department of Agriculture. We can assist you with any permit(s) you may need when visiting The Bahamas. We need one business day advance notice for most permits with the exception of an Annual License.

Filing a Flight Plan

Flight plan forms are found at the front desk and can be completed by crew prior to departure and faxed to local Air Traffic Control (ATC) for processing.

To file a Flight Plan online, visit

To file a Flight Plan over the phone, call 800-WXBRIEF.

Filing an E-Apis

To file an outbound eAPIS manifest, click here: You must enroll in the e-APIS manifest program before you can file a manifest. Pilot, crew, and airplane information are all required and the manifest must be submitted an hour prior to departure

Persons entering / departing The Bahamas must clear Bahamas Customs at a port of entry. To view a thorough checklist to ENTER the Bahamas, click on the following link: